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SUSAN – Susan has been involved with Shadowbrook Kennels for over 6 years.  While the Glanbrook District Animal Control Officer, Michele would find countless strays that went unclaimed.  Those strays ended up as temporary guests at Shadowbrook. 

Susan’s amazing pet photography, her tireless Facebook updates and her deep conviction in pet adoption helped find dozens of animals forever homes. Susan also runs the A.H.A.R.T rescue out of Binbrook Ontario and is passionate about TNR (Trap Neuter Return). 

Susan and her family have 3 dogs adopted out of rescue, 2 cats and her house is the happy in-between home for any number of foster animals.  

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Michele not only loves animals of all kinds, but she has years of practical, hands-on experience dealing with them.  Michele has been operating Shadowbrook Kennels for 20 years, and was also the Glanbrook District Animal Control Officer for 14 years (prior to HAC taking over the contract).   She has been active in dog sport for years (flyball, agility, tracking) and obedience training.  As well, she has bred and raised German Shepherds.

Animals play an important part of Michele’s personal life, as well. Besides her own 2 dogs,  Michele cares for barn cats, a livestock guardian dog, 2 rescue peacocks and a barnful of sheep and alpacas.  Her pond is home to 2 pairs of swans, a pair of geese, and an assortment of re-homed ducks.

All of this has provided Michele with a great deal of experience in interacting with animals of all breeds, ages and temperaments.  She is also extensively trained in animal 1st Aid and emergency procedures, as well as disease control. 

Michele is a member of the CKC, GSD Club of Canada, Hamilton Dog Obedience Club, American Paint Horse Association, Alpaca Ontario and the Ontario Sheep Farmers.   Shadowbrook Kennels is a regular “People’s Choice” and “Reader’s Choice” award winner!

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